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Style (1)
Model # Price Species Style Length
UC9502 $541.00   Butternut Carved 95 in.
UC4806 $347.00   Butternut Carved 48 in.
EC4601 $332.00   Elm Carved 46 in.
CC8701 $537.00   Cedar Carved 87 in.
UC6803 $433.00   Butternut Carved 68 in.
WC8103 $507.00   Walnut Carved 81 in.
YC9201 $613.00   Cherry Carved 92 in.
AC6304 $351.00   Basswood Carved 63 in.
UC12301 $752.00   Butternut Carved 123 in.
UC5106 $351.00   Butternut Carved 51 in.
EC9401 $527.00   Elm Carved 94 in.
CC9302 $586.00   Cedar Carved 93 in.

Mantels FAQ:

Question: Why is there no add to cart button?
Answer: Shipping is to complicated to figure out for each mantel. It is much easier if one of our sales representatives handles the call over the phone! Call 888-986-1535 to place an order!

Question: Are the mantels easy to install, and can I do it myself?
Answer: Absolutely! All you need to install these mantels are a few basic tools and materials.  Product Manual PDF Click here to view easy to follow instructions!

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