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Rustic Log Mantels Make Great Centerpieces For Hearth & Home

A custom made walnut mantel installed in a home

Most fireplace mantels are made from thin pieces of wood assembled to look like a solid beam. Now a true solid wood log mantel is available. These mantels are sawed about 4 inches thick to emphasize the irregular shapes or grain of the wood, with character that looks bold above any fireplace. The narrowest pieces are about 7 inches wide and the widest can be as much as 12 inches or more. Often the natural shape of the log can cause the mantel to vary in width along its length.

Because each log is different, the front face of each mantel is unique. Some will be smooth along the face, while others will have knots or character marks showing. It is common for a log mantel to have some splits on the top, bottom, or ends because of the shrinkage that occurs during the drying process. This does not affect the structural strength of the log mantel, and often adds to the character of the piece.

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We Only Use Eco-Friendly Renewable Wood Species

Our eco-friendly native hardwood species have a natural advantage for making a log mantel. They are beautiful, grainy, knotty, and these woods are quite stable while drying, which means they will have less cracking, shrinking and twisting than other species. Each wood offers its own unique one of a kind character. Choose a log mantel species below or click here to start your own custom search.


Because it is both light in weight and light in color, Basswood always makes a great looking and interesting log mantel. The wood grains are not very visible, but it does offer a variety of streaks and character marks to accent the subtle styles. [More]


A medium brown wood with rich grain patterns, Butternut is also relatively light in weight and is quite popular as a log mantel. It is often chosen by customers interested in the appearance of Oak because of its similar appearance. [More]


A dark brown wood popular for use in cabinets and furniture, Walnut makes a beautiful log mantel. Although somewhat heavier and harder than Basswood and Butternut, Walnut still works well for a log mantel because of its beauty and stability. [More]

Eastern Red Cedar

A light weight moisture resistant wood that has beautiful reds, tans, and uniquie natural grains. The best of the best when it comes to durability, and with your choice of finish, these cedar log mantels look great in any hearth. [More]

We Have 5 Custom Log Mantel Styles To Choose From

We have various styles for the front, or face, of your log mantel. From clean contemporary like Square or Draw Knife, to hand Carved beauty, to Bark Face or Natural rustic charm, we have a style to suite! Although we have 5 categories of styles, every log mantel face is different. Each mantel we sell is a one of a kind work of log art! Choose a log mantle face style below or click here to start your own custom search.

Natural Face Mantel Example

Natural Log Mantels

On some logs the bark of the tree comes off during the sawing and drying process. The exposed bare edges will show the shape of the log along with knots and character marks. These mantels are the best value because no extra labor is required to prepare the log mantel for sale. A traditional style.

Bark Face Mantel Example

Bark Log Mantels

Occasionally the bark sticks through the crafting of the mantel. Bark cant be guaranteed to stay on indefinitely without some tacks or glue, but customers who have installed these mantels report very few problems. Bark face mantels are more difficult to find than the other styles, so we have fewer of them available. Rustic look & feel.

Draw Knife Face Mantel Example

Draw Knife Log Mantels

If the face of a mantel is damaged in the manufacturing process we can sometimes smooth out the wood with a draw knife. The grain will normally show as in a Square Face mantel, but the mantel will retain the log edge look. The ends of a Draw Knife mantel will stay square. Classic smooth style.

Carved Face Mantel Example

Carved Log Mantels

The front face and ends of these log mantels are shaped with carving tools to add depth and character to the final hand crafted style. This carving will accentuate knots and nuances in the log mantels face. Cracks that may developed in the drying process will also be softened. Great for cabins and more.

Square Face Mantel Example

Square Log Mantels

This style combines the look of a solid wood mantel with a more conservative or standard flat face. The logs face will show the same grain beautiful patterns that are seen on the top and bottom of the mantel. A clean contemporary look.

Every Log Mantel at is Hand Made In The USA

After sawing mantels from real logs, our craftsmen put them through an extensive kiln drying process. We first air dry them in our yard and then put them through our warm air kilns. This may take up to a year, or longer for certain species of wood. Once dried the log mantels are sorted by style. They are then surface planed top and bottom to remove rough saw marks and to bring out the unique nuances in the wood. This is also when the carving or wood burning designs are done. Our mantels are not sanded, and do not have protective finishes. These processes should be done at the time of installation to allow matching of other woodwork in the home.