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Mantel Brackets That Match Your Log Style

Two styles of wooden mounting brackets are available for our Log Style Mantels - Triangle and Square. For mantels up to seven feet long two brackets are usually used, but more might be required depending on the weight of the mantel you choose. They are no doubt a beautiful addition to a Hearth install, but brackets are not always necessary to install a mantel, so check with your dealer to see what they recommend. If you need a bracket, or if you just prefer the look of a wood bracket, here is what we have available:

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Triangle Brackets

These brackets have an 8 inch long side and a 10 inch long side. They can be installed either way depending on the width of your mantel. They are made from the same material as the mantels and are about 4 inches wide. Triangle Brackets can be installed before the face material is put up on the fireplace, or if the surface of the stone or brick is relatively flat, they may be installed after the face is up. These brackets are available in full variety of Log Style Mantel species and styles. Prices start at $66 a set

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Square Bracket

These brackets are about 4 inches square, and 24 inches long. They are available in carved, draw knife, or square style. They are available in the same species as the mantels. Normally, these brackets would be installed while the fireplace is under construction, since they will be fastened to the wall studs or embedded in masonry. The bracket is carved on three sides and the end. The fourth side is flat so the mantel rests flush. Prices start at $66 a set.

Note: Although our brackets have a squared mounting surface, its still recommended that mantels are secured using construction adhesive or long screws.