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CJ's Log Mantels offers two styles of solid wood mounting brackets. When you appoint us to custom make a mantel for you, we will let you know if the size and weight call for support brackets. For example, solid wood mantels up to seven feet long require two brackets for balance and reinforcement, but more may be required depending on the weight of the mantel you choose.

Not all mantel sizes require braces for necessary installation, but some of our customers just prefer the "completed" look that wood brackets offer. For either situation, we take pride in the creation and appearance of these decorative supports or accent pieces!


$35 + shipping

Trangle Bracket for log mantelsThese brackets are available in all varieties of log mantel species and styles! They are cut so that they are approximately 4 inches wide with one 8 inch long side and one 10 inch long side. These dimensions make them versatile enough so that they can be installed to accommodate the width of your mantel. If you are constructing a new home and fireplace, these triangle brackets can be installed before the face material is installed! If the surface of the stone or brick is relatively flat, they may be installed after the face material has been erected. (Image features a bracket with a carved 10 inch side)



$35 +shipping

Square bracket for log mantelsWe offer our square brackets in the same wood species as our mantels. If you have chosen a solid wood mantel with a carved, draw knife, or square style appearance, you will want to choose these brackets so that they match perfectly. Square brackets are approximately 4 inches wide and 24 inches long. Ideally, you will want to install them while your fireplace is under construction, as they will need to be fastened to the sides of the wall studs or embedded in masonry.

The top side of the brackets is smooth and level to provide a flat surface for the mantel to rest on. Some customers prefer to fasten the mantel to the brackets with construction adhesive or screws. Square brackets also feature three sculpted sides. Depending on the particular log mantel you choose, the end of the bracket that is most visible will reflect an appearance that matches the style - square, draw knife, or carved. (Image features a carved style mantel with a matching carved end for the bracket)