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About Us

Cj's Log Mantels is an American company with deep roots in the mantel industry. Without the education and expertise of our company's founder, Chris, we wouldn't have the impressive clientele base that we have today. Our loyal customers know that they can come to us with any questions and concerns, and in return, they'll receive honest and valuable information from our trained, local employees. 

Let us take a moment to tell you more about the history of Cj's Log Mantels!

Our founder, Chris, grew up in Kusnacht, Switzerland - a quaint town at the base of the Swiss Alps along Lake Zurich. By the mid-1970s, Chris had learned to fabricate mechanical parts from scratch, and 11 years later, he was well on his way to success! He brought his experience and fine workmanship to the fireplace industry and accepted a CAD designer position with Ruegg Cheminee. Soon, Chris was creating and testing stoves and fireplaces to assess their quality, safety, and efficiency. 

In 1996, Ruegg expanded to Somerville, NJ, and operated under the name Ruegg Fireplaces, Inc. Chris accompanied the the business to the United States and quickly learned the English language and American fireplace engineering. Within a short period of time, people knew Chris by his engaging and friendly personality, as well as his effortless knack for installing new fire features and safely modernizing old heat sources.

By the end of the 1990s, Chris had met and married his lovely wife, Judy. The newlyweds were faced with a difficult choice right off the bat: Ruegg Cheminee was heading back to Europe, and Chris had to decide whether his calling was to go back to Switzerland or stay in the United States. Perhaps his deep love for America and his devoted customers made the decision for him. Almost immediately, people began requesting his help with heat renovations. With $200 and one car between them, Chris and Judy promptly answered the calls, and before they knew it, CJ's was a household name! Shortly after the year 2000, and an 1800 square foot warehouse and showroom allowed them to create and market fireplaces and accessories. By 2005, Chris and Judy had a permanent home for their business at 21701 Route 6 in Warren, PA. 

Here at Cj's Log Mantels, your opinions, safety, and satisfaction are important to us. We'll handle your specific needs with care and enthusiasm! From Chris and Judy and all of us here at Cj's Log Mantels, we thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward to helping you!


To place an order or for more information, please call:  888-986-1535!